Its that time of year to get excited and to start thinking about that project you have put on hold due to budget! Now is the perfect time to purchase rustic posts at reduced prices and to start your job today, so you can have your home or garden completed and ready for family festivities at Christmas time! These gorgeous Recycled Timber posts will become a talking point with your friends and family and of course above all they come with a piece of history so not only can you visually see how fantastic the appearance is, you can story tell about the origin they came from.

Excited yet?!

Let me tell you more about the crazy savings of these Recycled Timber posts!

These Big Section Hardwood Recycled Timber Posts with rustic characteristics are available now at a heavily reduced price per linear metre. Save up to a crazy $50 per linear metre off the original price!

Timber Posts come in various size sections and lengths to suit your needs, and of course your budget! Did I mention also that these Recycled Posts are a sustainable source and eco friendly which is not only a win for you but a win for the planet also. These posts come with characteristic charm and may contain part natural edges, pippy barnacle effect, cracks and splits, bolt/nail holes and other rustic imperfections and patina of aged timbers.

Give us a call today, there’s no time like now to have your place in heaven!

Here is just a small glimpse of the end product for your reference.

Recycled Timber Rustic Posts

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Don’t forget we can custom mill to order with other Australian Hardwoods also.

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