Grey Weathered Recycled timber can bring a unique warmth to your home, whether it be for internal or external purpose. If the look you are wanting to achieve is industrial or aged, these rustic grey weathered timbers can be suited to many applications.



These fabulous grey weathered recycled timbers can create an amazing feeling of warmth for interior purposes as indoor truss beams, feature posts and shelving. For external use, great as rustic seating, fire pits, garden feature, fencing, outdoor kabana, shower post, wall cladding, walkways and chunky decking. Also suitable for furniture making as solid timber tables or barn doors.

I had the pleasure of sourcing recycled timber through Timbers with Veins. When four other recycled suppliers could not help and options were running out, I called Timbers with Veins and to my relief they were able to help.

I was after some weathered hardwood timber fence palings for a project in Gymea, but I didn’t want so much of the grey colouring. They were more than happy to roughly plane some of the grey colouring off exposing the beautiful timber colour underneath but retaining the look of age. The staff were extremely friendly and the service was professional and prompt. The material was ordered and within 2 days it was onsite, and that was including the planning works!!

I would definitely recommend this company and I will continue to use them whenever I can.It is refreshing to find a company and staff members who take pride in what they do.

Daniel King, B&M Building Group Pty Limited

So sorry for such a delayed response, so many things have happened over the past months with holidays, rain, tradesmen, letterbox lost in the post and whatever..

Anyway, here are some photos of our timber in the garden finished and completed – it is our front yard.

We also have some in the backyard but it is the front that I thought would be the most interesting to your team. It actually looks better in real life as the photos probably don’t capture the soft curve of the “palisade”.

The mix of timbers works really well and complements the huge eucalyptus that originally looked quite alone. We have many people stop and look and ask especially about the timbers as they are quite stunning.

Thanks again for all your help, when we were making decisions and purchasing – you were all so patient 🙂

Allison and David Beattie

Some of Our Work is Featured Below.

Timbers with Veins Pty Ltd supply Grey Weathered Recycled Timber generally sourced from wharves, bridges, warehouses, wool sheds and so on. They are available in an array of sections sizes at extra long lengths. These grey weathered recycled timbers can be sold as is or can also can have a wirebrush finish to bring a whole new dimension and rustic look to the timber, whilst bringing through some of the natural colour of the timber and leaving some of the grey aged colour behind. These timbers may contain bolt holes, checkouts, pippy effect and other rustic imperfections from being weathered for a number of years from Australia’s harsh elements and have a wonderful piece of history.

 Grey Weathered timbers are derived from a vast array of wharves, bridges and buildings etc throughout the country. 

  • Grey Weathered recycled timbers are often salvaged from their previous uses in wharves, bridges, buildings and wool sheds etc in locations throughout the country.   
  • In some cases, over a hundred years of exposure to the elements has weathered the timbers to enhance the texture and character of the timbers.
  • Timbers are naturally weathered with distressed faces showcasing a medley of grey tones and pale soft browns. The texture of the grain is present, as is surface checking, staining or discoloration, small fastener holes, oxide stains and other possible signs of previous use.
Recycled Timber Cladding